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A True Rebellion – Approaching the Environmental Crisis from a Place of Love

(This article is dedicated to my friends and colleagues working tirelessly to make this world a better place. May you respond to the crises of our world from a place of deep love.) Environmentalism, sustainability, being green – they don’t matter. Not only that, but they are actually a part of the environmental crisis that … Continue reading »

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Poetry from India

Crimson Furoshiki Blessing – March 31, 2011 The gift of your crimson Furoshiki (1) cradles Hibiscus blossoms – food for the sacred Mother Ganga (2). The morning sun sparkles her grey beach – a universe of stars hiding in the sands. I carefully unwrap my offerings embrace them in my steepled hands, and offer a … Continue reading »

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India Photo Gallery 2011

The Best Pictures and Videos from Sailing Smitty’s India Adventure February 15, 2011 – July 15, 2011 (Click on a photo to see the slideshow in a larger format in Picasa Web Albums) Share this:EmailFacebookTwitterStumbleUpon

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The Secret to Real Happiness

If having a life full of more happiness and freedom is our ultimate goal, then it is important to acknowledge up front that these treasures do not come from our outer circumstances, but from within. This wisdom may sound cliche, but it is all too easily forgotten in the throws of daily life. We say, … Continue reading »

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Meditation Techniques, Resources & Teachers

Meditation is one of the most powerful tools to understand and experience life more fully, and you do not have to be religious to meditate. I’ve been meditating since 1997, and it has truly been a life-changing practice. This section will give you resources to get started or to deepen your practice if you’ve already been meditating … Continue reading »

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